Radio fun

Playing around with software defined radio and looking at spectrum visualizations.

$20 Receiver

Bought this guy for a little more than 20 bucks. It can work as a tv tuner as well as a radio tuner. It's cheap because most of the signal processing is done in software, so no need for expensive parts. It has a 25-1750Mhz frequency range, that means it can receive from many different sources.

Antenna and setup

wire1 wire2
Not being happy with the stock antenna I made my own cheap antenna to get a little bit more reception.

Spectrum visualization

Having pretty much no experience in the field I have to admit it's pretty easy to figure out whether something is sending signals.
It's easy to see portable radios traffic since they don't transmit all the time.


Cool FM signal shape.
The good old FM.


Police or fire transmission.

Car alarm

My car remote signal!


This is possibly a data feed (pagers ?)

Unknown patterns

p1 p2
Cool patterns appear in some frequencies.. don't know what they are